I had the great opportunity to work with the Niceshit studio on this lovely project.
Supported by Laura Hyde Foundation, First Responders First is an initiative
that was set up to support NHS healthcare workers on the UK front line.

It's so good to have the chance to work on something that you love 
but working with a subject that matter makes a complete difference.
Supported by Laura Hyde Foundation, First Responders First is an initiative
that was set up to support NHS healthcare workers on the UK front line.
Combining 2D and 3D 
By Mixing these two worlds, you can get the power of the 3D tools
 and put them together with a unique and personalized 2D style.
Assets and Look Development
The combination between realistic textures and
lighting with some bolder and stylized elements.
This approach was the perfect fit to go along with the 2D, textured characters.
Character Design
Animation process
Combining and integrating 2D, frame-by-frame animation with 3D.

Here are a few examples of the process. From the pencil through 3D  until the final render!


Production Company: Jelly
EP: Laura Thomas
Producer: Tom Henneberry
Director: Niceshit

Creative Directors: Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidmann & Guido Lambertini
EP: Agusta Timotea
Art Directors: Rodier Kidmann & Carmen Angelillo
Animation Director: Guido Lambertini
2D Design & Illustration: Rodier Kidmann, Bianca Sangalli Moretti & Ganstoll
Lead Cel Animator: Josep Bernaus
Cel Animation & Clean Up: Josep Bernaus, Pablo Cuello, Ezequiel Cruz, Ana Freitas, Bianca Sangalli Moretti, Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidmann & Guido Lambertini
3D Lead: Jonas Nunes
3D Design & Modelling: Jonas Nunes, Cristian García, Rodier Kidmann, Guido Lambertini, Pablo Schiavo & Carolina Carballo
3D Animation: Jonas Nunes & Guido Lambertini
Edit & Compositing: Guido Lambertini, Matías Mastrogiano, Ana Freitas & Carmen Angelillo
Sound FX & Audio Mix: Facundo Capece & Lola Ritcher

Bespoke Composition: Felt Music
Composers: Pippa Cleary & Keiran Merrick

IPG Health UK
President: Jonathan Kukathasan

McCann Health London
Executive Creative Director: Guy Swimer
Deputy Executive Creative Director: Kieran Delaney
Associate Creative Director: Libby Middlehurst
Senior Art Director: Cem Hasimi
Agency Producer: Rita Juggessur
Account Director: Oliver Fraser
Senior Account Manager: Hannah McMahon

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